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Shine Software Technology is committed to deliver high quality of services and products and practices specific to ensuring quality of the same is of vital importance. At the same time, as there is always a scope for improvement, it is important for us to check that delivering quality does not become an overhead for us as well as for our clients. To address such a scenario, we follow a stringent quality policy as defined below.

1).Implementation on the project is started only after all the requirements and software specifications are agreed upon between us and our clients.

2).Work on QA planning, test cases, and test scenarios is started simultaneously to the project implementation.

3).A dedicated QA Team is assigned the task of ensuring quality and bug-free software.

4).QA execution is done for each and every module of the software, then defects are reported and solved, again QA is done and so on until every reported defect is solved.

5).We also perform overall Integration, Load, and Regression Testing once the entire software is built so that the software system works immaculately for our clients.

6).Finally we deliver the software to our clients and perform a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sessions so as to solve any reported defect by our clients.

7).Once the software moves into production, we offer full maintenance support with minimum cost run-over.

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