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Yash Kumar Sahu

Managing Director
Software Engineer

Pooja Sahu

Website Designer

Sushant Sahu

Business Development

Nitin Mishra

Software Engineer
Shine Technology

Sireen Sahu

Graphic Designer

Tanisha Tiwari

Software Developer

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Shine Software Technology

Shine Software Technology comprises of highly skilled professionals with sheer focus and commitment on their respective roles and responsibilities. We have dedicated teams taking care of various operations by delivering excellent results on every front. And this is what makes us and our clients growing.


Shine Software Technology is led by IT industry experts with passion to grow and excel as a company and not just individuals. The management team is constantly focused towards making things work for the company and for its clients. At the same time it also takes utmost care towards strengthening teams and the company vision towards its goals. Thus the management team at Shine Software Technology gets into the main stream and becomes the driving force rather than operating remotely.

Marketing and Business Development

Software solutions have become the integral part of life and businesses, be it in any domain, are hard to imagine without IT. The marketing and business development team at Shine Software Technology understands this and work closely with its clients and prospects to help them out how we can deliver value to their business. More than just customer engagements, the team’s priority is to develop long term collaboration and a bond of trust and value.


The programming team at Shine Software Technology is the team of highly talented architects who design, implement, and deliver best quality software solutions and products. While, at times it’s not a cakewalk, the team’s experience and zest to make it possible is what makes us go beyond challenges and hurdles. Shine Software Technology houses dedicated development teams for each of the different technologies we work on – Microsoft technologies, Databases, Open Source and so on.

Testing and QA

Quality is an important element which can make or break things. Shine Software Technology understand this and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that our clients get quality services and products. The software testing team at Shine Software Technologyis immensely qualified to test software solutions under real life scenarios and address each and every detail of quality thus leaving no room for error. The team is skilled in carrying out various types of testing such has integration testing, stress testing, boundary value analysis and testing, smoke testing and so on with both manual and automation methods.

Information Technology

Our world-class IT services include business email systems, disaster recovery planning, software training and data systems management

MS.NET Technology

MS.NET is complete package of software Development Tool Kits. That helps us for preparing all type of softwares. (Window Platform, Web Application, Static Website , Dynamic Website etc

WordPress Technology

The makers of this wonderful CMS, mention on the first page of their website that “WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time”. This is true, because even though this complete Content Management System and Bloging tool is free to use, it offers so much that makes it priceless to webmasters and online business owners.

Android Technology

Released in September 2008, Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel with a user interface that allows for direct manipulation. It was designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers with variants for television, cars and wristwear.

PHP Technology

WebSite provides a complete web site content management system. Web-based administration allows for easy maintenance of interactive, community-driven web sites.

E-Commerce Solutions

Creating value for online stores and business through innocative e-commerce solutions

Search Engine Optimization

Promote your business on the world's top search engines. Make your business easy-to-find on Google, Yahoo!, Bing & more!

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